About Suffering in the World (homepage)

A list of projects that I have had about suffering

Association for the Advancement of Algoscience — This project consists in establishing a nonprofit organization with the mission to further the development of algoscience. In order to found that association on a sound basis, it is necessary first to gather at least three persons who are contributing to knowledge or action about suffering in an algoscientific fashion. Interested individuals are asked to write to daoust514@gmail.com. See also this current project: Toward an Institute of Algoscience.

Collaboration to Wikipedia on the topic of Suffering — This project consists in collaborating to Wikipedia encyclopedia for raising to the best quality the articles relative to Suffering (contributions by Robert Daoust to this latter article may be seen in "View history" from November 1st 2006 up to now). It is hoped that algoscience will benefit from Wikipedia as a busy knowledge place, and that reciprocally Wikipedia will benefit from algoscience's encyclopedic viewpoint on suffering.

Blogs About Suffering This project consists in establishing solidly at least one algosphere-inspired blog. Posts are focusing mainly on various documents and events where people speak of suffering as a primary concern. The intended goal is to develop algoscience by linking up with people who are the most likely to benefit from it or to contribute to it. A blog in English About Suffering, and a blog  in French Sur la souffrance were started in September 2006. Two other blogs, more eclectic, were also started in February 2007: Everything on the Topic of Suffering and, in French, De tout sur la souffrance.

Review of Precursor Works This project consists in furthering the development of algoscience through collaborative editing of texts that review works figuring under the list of Precursor Works. The idea, being carried out at Review of Precursor Works, is to elaborate an algoscience discourse that will have better chances to be a founding one because it will be connected with works existing already in the present written culture. Six very tentative documents have been produced. 

L'Organisation générale contre les maux (1986, in French only)
(A General Organization Against Ills)
Translated excerpt: "Let us embrace the whole problem of suffering in the unfolding of a comprehensive approach that will integrate all avenues of approach, all ills, the causes of ills, the solutions, the people, the organizations, the fields of activity, the doctrines, all elements related in any way to the issue. This of course as far as possible. Then, let's synthesize these data in order to set priorities and build a global plan of action, where solutions from all sources will be arranged to work towards the same goal. Having thus elaborated a plan of solution with a unity and a scope of purpose commensurate with the whole problem of suffering, we will be able to cooperate all together and each in our own way to systematically liberate our world from all its ills. Since in good logic a goal is usually achieved only by taking a step expressly organized with a view to attaining it, it seems to me to be of the utmost importance that such an enterprise of understanding and control of suffering be instituted among human activities."

Du porc produit sans souffrance excessive (2003, in French ony) A document made in connection with public hearings that took place in Quebec, Canada, about pork production.
(Pork produced without excessive suffering)