About Suffering in the World
by Robert Daoust

Let us Deal with Suffering more Effectively Using a new concept: the algo-sphere

See also Partners of a Global Management of Suffering

Logo of the Algosphere Alliance

Developing the science about suffering See also Suffering: the State of Affairs in 2024

Logo of the Algosphere Alliance

The Algosphere Alliance invites individuals and organizations to cooperate in organizing the alleviation of suffering in the world.

Logo of Action-Teams

Action-Teams for an Organized Minimization of Unacceptable Suffering
This is a (very) tentative exploration of a practical action undertaking based on a systematic general approach to suffering. See Toward Systematic Mutual Assistance for a background history.

Biographical Notes

A summary of my personal research on suffering

The Systematic Approach to Suffering - An Interview with Robert Daoust
Many thanks to people at Sentience Research for this interview

Quotes on Suffering

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