Toward Systematic Mutual Assistance

About Suffering in the World (homepage)

Action-Teams for an Organized Minimization of Unacceptable Suffering

This project must be viewed in the context of the algosphere approach and the Algosphere Alliance. It originated around 1998 and was expressed in various forms over the years. It took its current Action-Teams configuration in 2020 and a first Action-Team started in April 2021. In March 2022, we may claim that, at a cost of 396 dollars, we have quite probably saved 24 children or more from unacceptable suffering.

Previously, the following very tentative documents were made in order to contribute to the creation of a universal program of security concerning suffering:

Draft for an Excessive Suffering Control Network (1998)

L'Agence stratégique de service humanitaire (1998)
Strategical Agency for Humanitarian Service (in French only)

Registre pour la prévention et le contrôle des cas de souffrance extrême (2002)
Register for the control and prevention of extreme suffering cases (in French only, but with an English abstract)

An Experimental Project (2002)
        Un projet-pilote (French translation

SOS-Network (2001-2003)
        SOS-Réseau (French translation)

Answers to the Echoing Green Questionnaire (2004)