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by Robert Daoust

Let us Establish a Sphere of Human Activity that Deals with Suffering in the World
A new way of dealing with suffering is proposed: the algosphere approach

Let us Develop a Science of Suffering
Introduction to the systematic study of suffering: algoscience

Logo of the Algosphere Alliance

The Algosphere Alliance invites individuals and organizations to cooperate in organizing the alleviation of suffering in the world.

Logo of Action-Teams

Action-Teams for an Organized Minimization of Unacceptable Suffering
This is a tentative exploration of a practical action undertaking based on a systematic general approach to suffering. See Toward Systematic Mutual Assistance for a background history.

Biographical Notes

A summary of my personal research on suffering

The Systematic Approach to Suffering - An Interview with Robert Daoust
Thanks a lot to people at Sentience Research for this interview

Other Documents
From previous projects on which I have worked

Quotes on Suffering

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